There are a lot of hiking opportunities.
A hike to “Homlong Seter” (3 hours).
A hike to the waterfall above Geiranger (3 hours).

A tourist office can be find in the village.


Other excursions could be taken to:

The “Dalsnibba” (50 km).
The summer ski regions south of Grotli.
(a tour across “gamla Strynveiën” 125 km)
A tour including Fjörd Färhe to Hellesylt. The way back will go by road nbr. 15. (100 km).
Excursion to “Jugendstilstad” Ålesund (210 km).
Excursion to “Vestkapp and Maløy” (240 km).
And don’t forget the excursion to the “Trollstigen” (180 km)!
(All the distances are back and forward).


You can find further information here.